I’m a thinker, a teacher, and an artist. Always learning, always expanding what I do. Always trying to help.

I can help you understand classical music’s future. Find out what I think. Let me help you adapt.

I write music that’s probing and varied, unique and appealing. Hear what I’ve done.

You can stream my November 9 online presentation, “Five Things I’ve Learned About the Death of Classical Music.” It’s on the stimulating Five Things I’ve Learned website. Just follow the first link, sign up for $40, and stream whenever you like.

This was a 90-minute class, in which I didn’t say classical music will die. But I did say it’s threatened, because the gap — the abyss? — between classical music and the rest of our culture keeps getting bigger.

Seems like the talk was a success, lively and informative, full of ideas and information you won’t get elsewhere.

Why the $4o cost? Because Five Things is an active program, offering dozens of talks. They need to pay their expenses, and pay presenters like me.

If you stream this, let me know what you think!