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A stand my wife took:

My wife, Anne Midgette, turned down an honorary doctorate the Cleveland Institute of Music was going to give her. And refused to give their commencement speech, as she’d been invited to do. She pulled out just two weeks before the event.

Which of course she wouldn’t do if there wasn’t a serious reason. At CIM, there’s an uproar about Carlos Kalmar, who teaches conducting and leads the student orchestra. Charges of sexual discrimination — brutal behavior, most often aimed at women. Serious charges. Which the school’s administration seemed to minimize, though now — under pressure — they’ve announced an investigation.

Anne is known for her strong stand on metoo, which included exposing major abusers when she was chief classical music critic at the Washington Post. People from CIM, students and faculty, contacted her, telling her what they thought was going on. In solidarity with them, she pulled out.

You can read her statement here. She doesn’t mention Kalmar’s name, to keep her focus on CIM’s administration. But it’s been mentioned publicly, so I can use it here.

I’m proud of her.