Joy, joy, joy

Joy can be so rare and precious in life. Should be more common! Because we can find it in ourselves.

But I’m grateful for joyful concerts I heard in March. One was a recital by Steven Isserlis, who plays with great joy. And had a program that was joyful, in which he played music by canonical male composers, paired with pieces by women they loved.

And the women came out very strongly.

Then I went to a festival of music by women. Meant to go just the first night, but loved it so much I came back for the second one. Joyful venue, joyful vibes, and such joyful music!

As I wrote on my blog (this is the same link as the last one),  at the end of these two evenings, the cause we’d all embraced — supporting music by women — receded into the background. Because being there was so joyful.

Which of course made the cause even stronger than it would have been without the joy.