Warm holiday wishes to everyone!

Here’s some of my favorite Christmas music:

Carlo Bergonzi singing “White Christmas,” first in adorably unsure English, and then, like a sunrise, in Italian. https://youtu.be/w-6cnfB8WYU

Franco Corelli singing “O Holy Night.” Live performance, that (in a great understatement) I might say is informally recorded. But he soars!

Frosty the Snowman,” sung by the Ronettes, and made (by Phil Spector’s famous wall of sound) to be not just fun, but delirious

“White Christmas” (again), in the classic version by the Drifters. Rock & roll, in its early days (when everything was fun, and every new idea was welcome) meets the Great American Songbook, to the great sly benefit of both sides.

And of course Elvis’s “Blue Christmas,” reminding us (as Christmas music in the classical tradition never seems to) that the holidays aren’t happy for everyone. Important for all of us to remember, even if we ourselves are joyful. As I hope you are.