By day, and often by night, I'm a composer and music critic. My main field is classical music, though I've also worked in pop, and at one time was music editor of Entertainment Weekly. Currently I'm a music critic for the Wall Street Journal and I teach at Juilliard. For more on my musical life, and to read my writing and hear my music, visit my professional site.

I've been interested in UFOs since I was a kid. As a UFO-minded adult, I've worked closely with Budd Hopkins, and currently serve on his Advisory Committee, where I work to help him develop his Intruders Foundation. I've posted extensively on UFO UpDates, one of the leading UFO e-mail lists; you can read my posts at its archive.

I built these pages with NetObjects Fusion, a superb program. And I made the opening graphic with Bryce 3D. I can barely draw a stick figure. If Bryce can help me do something like this, it's got to be good. All titles created with Corel Photo-Paint, which gives me almost all the functions of Photoshop at a fraction of the price. Background derived from the sky of the opening graphic, lightened with Photo-Paint, and tiled with the very fine "Tile Creator" wizard in Micrografx Picture Publisher.

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